# Episode 10: The Beginning of the End.

In the cosmodrome, behind the city.

“It”s time.” A masked figure on top of the right side of the once so lonely mountain caught himself back on his feet after that huge tremors caused from Speed’s massive attack.

Beneath the left side of the mountain.

“That attack, I have never seen it before. I hope they are quick. I won’t be able to fight this guy once he wakes up.” Autumn was nervous after he had attacked Speed, knowing he was no threat at all if Speed woke up before Wolf had arrived.

At the same time.

Beast the Primeval, Marco the Awoken, Tyger the Prince and Logan the Speaker, all arrived at the tower. They quickly went to Logan’s observatory to see if what they had found was linked back to the Golden Age! They feared, the prophecy was just some fools lullaby. “I don’t know guys, I can’t handle this. Where is hope when the prophecy prevails?” Beast was shaking. He didn’t know what to do. Born before the time of the tower he knew how strong Golden Age tech actually was. Logan wanted the situation to cool down by advising him with wise words but his Ghost flashed. “Oh you have a Ghost too!?” Marco thought out loud. “Logan. This is not good. Look what happened just before you arrived” Allan showed everybody a short holo video of how the lonely mountain got cut into two. Everyone had stopped moving. Tyger tried to speak but with that lump in his throat he only made some rasping sounds. “But more importantly” Allan, Logan’s Ghost continued, “Bat and Speed where out there training.” — ”Oh no. Please not” afraid, Beast continued, “What ever happened out there, Wolf won’t be far off, we have to get out there and look for them as soon as possible.” — ”Yes, probably,” Allan said, “though, Adam already left sweeping for them with two other guardians.” — ”Ok. Good then.” Tyger had recovered, “Marco and me will still go look out for them too, while the other two of you stay and collect as much knowledge as you can. We will need it.”

In the Cosmodrome, near Autumn and Speed.

Adam arrived with his two-man-team. “There Adam!” Missy spotted Bat in between crushed stones beneath the left side mountain. Close by, Autumn who tried to hide his ass with Speed on his shoulders. “Shit!” He whispered. Adam and his two mates spawned into the cosmodrome, leaving their ship behind. “You stop right there you Fallen scum!” Adam screamed. He aimed a shot with his hand cannon right on Autumn’s head but he blocked it with one of his swords. Autumn turned his head to the left so his eyes could spot Adam behind him. “Ha! You think you have a chance against me?” — ”You are outnumbered! Surrender and you shall be granted justice.” — ”Justice? Don’t give me that shit!” He dropped Speed, disappeared and reappeared right in front of Coco, only to slice her into pieces. “Noo!” Adam had quickly realized, numbers didn’t matter fighting this old Kell. He knew he’d go for Missy next so he rushed as fast as he could towards Missy to save her from Autumn’s rage. He jumped and grabbed her to put her down on the ground but by doing so, Adam took a huge cut on his back by Autumn’s swords. “Aaaargh!” — ”Adam!” — ”Quick! Get back up, take Coco’s Ghost and get the fuck out of here! Let me handle this by myself. No need in sacrificing the two of you.” — ”Copy that.” — ”Get me Backup Missy!” She took Coco’s ghost, spawned her Sparrow, nodded towards Adam confirming and rushed back to the tower with full speed. “Hmm, so you understand the threat you’re facing now? Let’s play a game then — this won’t take long.” In a hurling jump, Autumn disappeared and tried to slice Adam into pieces, but he jumped high in the air and left a Void grenade as a present for him. “Ah-ahaah!!” Autumn took the full blow of the grenade, yet managed to take a jump up towards Adam to save his ass. In taking the blow Autumn’s body deformed in the void, shifting in space and time. Adam couldn’t hold his position in the height anymore and dropped down to earth. On his way down Autumn hit Adam with his swords, yet Adam healed himself using his energy drain. “Ah, that did good. Hopefully backup will come soon. I don’t really have a chance by myself.” — ”This is fun.” With a grim smile Autumn licked some the blood off of his swords. “It’s been ages since I had that much.” — ”You filth, I will send you back into that prison of yours, where you can rot to death!” — ”No I don’t think so.” As Autumn went for another blow, after Adam hadn’t realized, that all that Autumn had wanted, for him to let his guard down. He could already feel the cold steel of Autumn’s blades as Autumn recoiled. “Whaa?” You could hear a piercing blow in the air. “You! Show yourself, you little cunt!” Autumn had backed off, holding his lower left arm due to injury. As Adam saw his arm bleeding he didn’t understand what was going on. Not until a figure stepped out of the shadows, stepping out of cover behind the rocks. “Who are you? Are you here to help?” Adam longingly wanted to know. — ”I don’t have the time to tell you why I don’t have the time to tell you what is going on.” — ”Ha,” Autumn added, “I will simply kill you both then.” — ”I don’t think so. Do you really think that I would only be able to shoot you in the arm from that close of a distance?” — “What?” Autumn thought, as he felt it. He started to tremble. “I know Fallen won’t care about poison that much since they’re mostly immune. But not to this poison. This tech saw light before the fallen” — ”Arrgh.” Why does it take them so long?” He thought, breaking in sweat, as he heard Wolf’s ship nearing. “Ah, not today. Hm?” He tried to laugh but his muscles tightened and he had to prostrate. “Shit, there is no chance I can hold off Wolf for even a second!” What do I do? Adam thought. “Don’t worry Guardian,” Bryce said, as if he knew Adam’s thoughts, “you don’t have to fear Wolf. But I need you to cover me, when I go and get Bat. We can’t have them let him.” — ”What about Speed?!” — ”He is strong, he won’t have to worry or fear them.” — ”How do you know? Why do you do this? How can you be so sure?” — ”We don’t have time for that!” Wolf, Zom and Mountain spawned out of their ship. “What do we have here?” Wolf savaged. “You little piece of shit again. And you, Adam. Let me guess, you’re still weak? Hahaha!” — ”Well at least, I can cook.” — ”Are you mad? You want me to kill you right away?” Mountain looked up to Wolf wondering what it would mean to live a life where there is pizza only and concluded that’s it’s awesome, “Well I like Pizza.” — ” Who asked you?” Zom clenched his fist, using his sunsinger abilities to hurt Mountain and condemn him. As Wolf raged, threatening to kill Adam and his stupid Banging Boner, Bryce tried to sneak to Bat and hide him from Wolf and the rest. But she noticed and threw a hammer in his direction, “Do you really think you can outplay us?” — ”Well I did last time. Besides, I think you do have a bigger problem then me sneaking.” From not to far everyone could hear ship engines. “Good Job buying time Adam!” — ”Cheers!” As Logan and Marcos’ ship got closer Zom tried to pull Bryce. With his power, he used his abilities to try to control him. But it didn’t work. Without any doubt he thought he didn’t used enough power but it failed again. He got suspicious about it. Surprised. “What’s going on? Why can’t I control him?” He mumbled. “Can’t you finally do it Zom?” Wolf knew he’d try to control Bryce right away, so she wondered why he didn’t do it. She only realized his pale face by failure. Could it be? Zom thought, “Are you not born by light?”

Marco and Logan eventually spawned next to Adam. “I dare you touch these men. They are mine!” Marco screamed so loud that Steffan thought he used it as a battle cry. “It ends here Wolf. Back off,” Logan advised. “Ha. Who am I to surrender this? You’re all just a bunch of winy faggots.” Impressed by Wolf, Steffan didn’t even mind being forced by Zom to charge against Logan and Marco, as he still was being used as a puppet. He shoulder charged Marco, but he dodged it easily. “Cheeky. I like these muscles.” — ”How about you I advertise you my fists?”

As Marco and Mountain kept batteling, Logan tried to stay calm. Still thinking of a non-violent way to end this. “I know you are here for Speed, recall your puppet and I will let you have him.” — ”You what!?” Adam screamed in shock. “HAHAHA, good choice there Logan.” — ”Now call your puppy back Zom and let us walk in piece.” — ”Fine. We’ll have it your way this time — there won’t be a parley next time.” They packed their backs. Picked up the sleeping Kell and summoned their ship to fly off. “Let’s play again some time,” Marco throwing a kiss with a wink at Mountain.

Adam was in rage. “What did you do? You traitor!” Adam lost it, he was ready to charge at Logan but Bryce hold him off, “He made the right choice. Let him explain.” — ”Hey who is that haggis carrying Bat?” Marco asked. “Look we don’t know how strong Wolf is now.” — ”So what? How could you let them walk off with Speed?” — ”Speed is strong. It’s obvious. Look at the mountain behind you.” — ”Hu?” — ”How did you think that happened? Speed is the chosen one. He might not understand what’s going on with him or how to control it, but as the prophecy speaks, he is the element bender.” — ”He. The. WHAT?!” — ”Said to being able to bend all elements at once, strong enough to destroy the darkness. Restore the golden age,” Marco quickly added. “Yes, correct,” Logan answered.

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