A series of articles about GitOps

GitOps operations by pull request, git as a source of truth

What exactly is GitOps? Using Git as our source of truth, we can operate just about anything. For example, version control, history, peer review, and rollback take place in Git without having to touch tools like kubectl.

  • The provisioning of Cloud resources, third party services and the deployment of k8s could be declarative
  • The entire state of the system is under version control and described in Git repositories
  • Operational changes are made on merge requests (in addition to build and release pipelines)
  • The Diff tools detect any divergence and notify us via alerts; synchronization…

An HPA introduction

What’s autoscaling?

Auto-scaling is a way to automatically increase or decrease the number of computing resources that are being assigned to your application based on your needs at any given time. It emerged from cloud computing technology, which revolutionized the way computer resources are allocated, enabling the creation of a fully scalable server in the cloud. When an application needs more computing power, you can launch additional features on-demand and use them for as long as you want.

What’s the HPA?

HPA or Horizontal Pod Autoscaler is the autoscaling feature explained before but for Kubernetes pods. HPA offers the following advantages: economy…

understanding a little bit about VPC Peering

What’s the problem to solve?

Developers need to delivery the applications, few times think deep about operations, network and security layer on infrastructure, I worked in some companies that Developers cared of the cloud environment and a common mistake was created servers and databases and publish these servers using the Internet, when you create a backend server(Database, Mongo, ElasticSearch) published trough the Public IP address, open a security risk and if the application that consumes these services connect to it using the public IP will have high latency because the communication is through the limited internet bandwidth. …

There are always new technologies that are well-spoken or that are on Hype, some are here to stay and others are short-lived, Kubernetes, as well as Docker, are examples of technologies that are in love with hipsters and technology enthusiasts. That is why it is very important to stay tuned in technologies that are in high demand in the market and try to update your skills to keep up with the technology changes in the area and not be out of date in the market. …

Yros Aguiar

SRE/DevOps, Cloud Native Engineer, Cloud Architect

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