Apple Watch Will Save Your Life

You are a high-risk patient. Your heart is beating normally. Apple Watch knows this. Your heart starts to beat irregularly. Apple Watch knows this before you do. Suddenly, you feel a sharp pain in your arm and chest. You’re having a heart attack. You fall to the ground. Apple Watch senses the fall. Your pulse is weak. Apple Watch detects this. Your not moving. Apple Watch senses this.

Apple Watch estimates that you are having a heart attack. Apple Watch instructs your iPhone to call emergency services. Siri clearly and calmly tells emergency services who you are, what happened, and where you are. Siri also speaks 8 major languages, so this will work while you’re traveling alone, on a stressful business trip, or on a remote hike in a foreign country. Emergency personnel can ask Siri questions at any time. Siri simultaneously calls nearest next of kin. If distraught or unable to travel, Siri offers to send a car to next of kin (Uber API).

By this time, the ambulance has almost arrived.

Without Apple Watch you would have had no chance.

Apple Watch will save your life.

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