Thoughts on (Virtual) Reality

Cave of Altamira, Spain.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to try a Virtual Reality headset called Oculus Rift. I was instantly convinced. Virtual Reality is going to change everything.

My memory of Rift is strange. My mind remembers the Virtual Reality as thought it was reality, a place I truly visited, an experience I really had.

This is significant.

I’ve always felt that digital experiences like Twitter, reading a blog, gaming, exist as events separate to real-life. While intellectually stimulating, they are not as immersive as we think. That is to say, we compartmentalize them as meta to life. We do this all the time, we’ve commonly refer to offline as “real-life”.

But, Virtual Reality doesn’t feel like that, Virtual Reality feels like real-life. The affect was dramatic and radically different. The experience was real, I was there, I was in the moment – but I was totally unaware of the technology.

This is significant.

This is the bridge we’ve been trying to cross since the beginning of time. Whether it’s a cave painting, a movie, or a game. The artificial reprodction of life.

Are you sure it’s not a pipe?

One day, when you get the chance to experience Virtual Reality, you’ll say yes, you’ll try it, and it’ll change the way you understand your existence. 🙏🏼