Red Bull as Social Media showcase

Yesterday the trailer to “The Art of Flight”, a snowboarding film, appeared on my Facebook news feed for the third time because it got shared by one of my friends. (The movie is sponsored hugely by Red Bull, therefore full with product ads and the YouTube clip is uploaded by the official account.) This result has to be the dream of every modern marketer.

How did they achieve such a goal for the brand?

1. Pick a interesting theme for the target group

In case of Red Bull the topic is fun & extreme sports. Just take a look at the wallpaper on their twitter.

2. Deliver value to the potential customer beyond advertising

Apparently Red Bull hired a bunch of really talented movie-makers and photographers and gave them the right tools. Personally, I don’t like the energy drink but I have to admit that the YouTube channel offers fantastic FHD scenes and interviews. And that without even mentioning the Red Bull product aggressively at the beginning or end.

3. Transfer the offline efforts to the online world

The company does a lot of sponsoring already. They build whole events with its name: Red Bull X-Fighters, Red Bull Air Race or Red Bull Crashed Ice. Now somebody came up with the brilliant idea to develop a free AR racing game where on can build an own race track with the help of Red Bull cans. Another iPhone game is called Red Bull Air Race Championship. The agency (or whoever is responsible for the games) just adopts the playgrounds of their target group.

4. Build an online presence and listen

I don’t want to judge whether their Social Media activity is meaningful but they are present on Twitter and Facebook and obviously reply a lot.

5. Create advertising that could go viral

People do speak about advertising — when it’s funny or disturbing enough. The first alternative is usually less troubling. Look at this clip. The first 52 seconds seem like one of these fail-best-of videos and that’s — like it or not — what’s people gonna click.

This article was first published on April 7, 2011.