GPT-2 Writes a Shelley Poem

(seed text was Ozymandias)

The sea hath never parted from the rocky shores,
That doth not rise again the sea, and its long, tumbled,
As if the waters have broken by its side.
And as the ocean came up to sea,
And the sea was broken by the wreck,
And the sea sank to the Sea of the Dead
By the wad of blood. It would have slain the Sea of the Dead
But it would not: its last breath, And it did.
This sea in the sea hath a Sea of waggon,
And a Sea of waggon of blood; For all what hath not come
With it hath fallen, And as a waggon of blood the waggon
And the blood is flowing out of that waggon.
So, then, are the works of Zeus,
And the work of Zeus, O Great Creator, whose designs
With the work of the great King are he wrought
In their midst. . . . .
In the desert have the mighty Gods
And the gods themselves come.”
A serpent of darkness rises among the hills
In a forest on the land of the gods.
A mighty bird that flies out a bird-hoast,
And flies out a fly, from behind its wing.
And there the sky is filled with white, and it is broken through.
And like this, we know the mighty Man
Of the clouds from which he fled upon the land of the gods,
The mighty serpent that the king sent for them,
And he brought them to that man; and he said:
“I know you, O mighty Man from the earth!”
And what do you say? You knew him when you saw in the dream,
And you saw from under one of his arms a mighty serpent
That a mighty man can lift up, and drive
He that was in the way and lifted up; and he led him to be a god,
And he he led him down the great mountain which I have prepared.
Let his tongue speak, tell thee, O man: “I know thee.
Here thou dost see, O great King, that is the very power of the Gods”
Let His voice say, to thee, “that is the very power of the Gods”
Let His voice say to thee, “that is the voice of the whole creation”

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