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Why Am I so angered at dis-order?

As the Captain put you in charge, and as it is Democracy I reside in as a new immigrant, I want to write to you and hope you will not overturn my communication and understand the important message I need to share with you.

I am 45, married woman mother of 2, respectively 11 and 8 years old.

I am, to the risk of being seemingly self centered, going to let you know what I understood, even If I am not a certified Doctor out of medical career. I want you to know what I know, because it might help other people.

When I was born, In Mexico, I was very ill from the beginning until I turned 2 years old. They never found or identified what was the problem.
 Symptoms were sudden dehydration and my parents rushing to the emergency room so many times.My diet was restricted to rice, carrots, bananas and apple sauce.

When I was 19, a Doctor scared me out in Villejuif, the center for cancer treatments near Paris, France. I was supposed to go under surgery, but I did not.
 I took a decision.
 First, not to trust the Doctor’s diagnostic, second to go alternative ways.

I became vegetarian in a 2 years process, started Yoga and left France for Asia at the age of 23.

At the age of 25, I went trough a thorough complete hospital check up in Taiwan. It was very weird, as I felt tired all the time, but nothing was found. Symptoms with no apparent cause.

Today, at the age of 45, after years of searching, inquiring, mistaking, I sometimes, do tap in or from my experience, gather information that is valuable for health issues.

First, each individual is different, even if we seem all alike. Second, we do not know as much as we pretend to know. Third, we need to shift the way we look at health issues.

We are not supposed to be separated from the whole. Our body is whole, and our spiritual body, we understand it or not, is of vital importance.
 We are not supposed to be victims or feel like victims to be validated as valuable individuals.

We are not guilty. We are humans, we have flaws, but we are not guilty.
 We are irresponsible, but we are not guilty.
 The emotional charge of feeling guilty weighs too much on our societies.
 We do not understand the vital importance of sound and frequencies on our health. Our cells are receptive to the energy sent by our language.

An interesting correlation is the work of the Japanese Masaru Emoto on the work of water and consciousness. If we remember we are mostly water, we understand the importance of Emoto discoveries on our health.

There are many countries treating chronic diseases in a humane approach, for example China, Singapore, Russia or Canada. I am very upset of the outdated approach in the United States sometimes, an invasive approach, slicing you in bits and pieces, and disconnecting people from healthy environments.

This is my profound intuition and logic:
 We need to re-design our treatment centers and stop gathering suffering people altogether in the same huge building, with that terrible smell( I know a lot about hospital smells for my brother and some work I did in China) and terrible anxiety surrounding any hospital.
 We need small facilities, and when possible, we need patients at work, in life, integrated to healthy environments.
 We need to open the door to different approaches and learn from Singapore where they use State of the Arts modern science and ancient medicine together, not as competitors, but complementary to one another.
 We have got to stop viewing health as a fight or a conflict. Because this divisive look starts the whole process of stress, generating dis-order..
 We have to stop ignoring or despising old knowledge from plants, herbs, essential oils. We have to stop transforming all in a magic pill from synthetic recipe.
 We need to go back to basics: order, love, and consciousness.
 Tolerance for different brain wiring and healing perspectives.

There is one eyes opening book I would name, Bio neuroemocion Treaty by Enric Corbera and Montserrat Batllo.

I could go on and on. I said what was the most important. The tool is in your hands.
 I wish you success,
 Ysende Seguin.

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