6 Tech Reads That Will Up Your Game

The tech space is one that I’m passionate about and reading is one of the ways I keep up with this ever-changing landscape. There are a ton of tech blogs and newsletters out there but those that provide high-quality analysis and insights are few and far between.

Here are some that stand out from the noise:

Learn by Shipping

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Long-form analysis by former Microsoft Windows President Steven Sinofsky and current Board Partner at Andreessen Horowitz. He’s a seasoned veteran that knows what he’s talking about. His writing is inspired by his belief that in the creation of great products, the best learning comes from the process of starting, finishing, and iterating. He writes about tech products, product development, and management and his macro reads are particularly well written: Disruption’s Long, Slow, Complex Journey

First Round Review

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First Round Review (of VC firm First Round Capital) is one of the first places I look when I’m looking for substantive how-to write ups on anything from designing a magical candidate recruiting experience to being a good boss. Seasoned leaders share case studies from their own experience that look at topics from a 30,000 ft or 100 ft view. One of the most comprehensive collections of startup how-to guides around.

The Review’s manifesto.

Inside Intercom Newsletter

Intercom may be best known as one of the industry-leading customer support (live chat) platforms, but they also publish some mean content on customer support (naturally), design, marketing and product management.

Here’s a good overview of their content in 2016 and some of their top articles: 2016 on Inside Intercom

Product Manager HQ Weekly Product Reads

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This is a weekly newsletter focused on product management that collates PM articles on both strategic and tactical levels. The curators work at various VC firms and are current/ex-PMs. Great newsletter for those looking to get into PM roles.

Benedict Evans’ Newsletter

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This is a weekly round-up of the week’s tech news and blog articles. Ben Evans is a partner at Andreessen Horowitz (a16z’s website is also a great resource) and sends out this newsletter every Sunday. You’ll also find a16z’s podcast on his site.


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Come for the illustrations, stay for the incisive commentary. Ben Thompson is an independent analyst that covers salient topics of the day, like Uber’s unit economics, Trump’s impact on tech and everything-as-a-service. There’s a free weekly article and a paid daily updates subscription ($100/year) that my friends have raved about. Judging from the quality of his weekly articles, I’d say it may be worth it but there’s already a plethora of great, free content out there.

Here’s a roundup of his top articles of 2016: The 2016 Stratechery
Year in Review

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