• David Salsone

    David Salsone

    U.S. Navy veteran, tech enthusiast, Brown University alum living in the tail of the distribution

  • Mike MacCombie

    Mike MacCombie

    Community Geek // Behavior Science // Puns All Day // @ff Venture Capital // @EvertrueVC // @MikeMacCombie

  • Divya Prabhakar Pillai

    Divya Prabhakar Pillai

    As a child, I once collected novels and comics from the bookstalls because I was going to write about my experiences.

  • Gu Xi

    Gu Xi

  • Kei Iwashita

    Kei Iwashita

    Business Designer @ IDEO Tokyo / Stanford MBA

  • Jae Eun Jane Lee

    Jae Eun Jane Lee

  • Amin Lakhani

    Amin Lakhani

    Comedian. Writer. Disabled Antihero. datingcoachonwheels.com/links

  • Fang Wei Low

    Fang Wei Low

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