You are absolutely right that increased intellect, either inherently so or via education, works to…
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

Dude, your being way too metaphysical here. Sure the universe will always be struggling for equilibrium but to suggest racial inequality and racism is that which is aligned with the stars is some B.S.

If you need to kill me for some food for survival then so be it. But when we get to talking about higher beings who can think and reason but who apply all this crap and layer it up and make it scientific and biological and cosmic to justify why there is racism and hate based on stereotypes and why there are stereotypes or simply discrimination and institutionalized racism so some folks can’t get hired though qualified so they can survive and thrive and actually be a part of the SAME community … that’s some old B.S.

Using ones priviledge to help someone else means then that person is just. like. them. Some don’t want that. They need to have others below them so they can feel good about who they are.

It’s funny you mentioned me turning a blind eye, because I’m actually pretty “woke”. And as a Christian I also know I was made in His image and that He loves me and all His children. And so I don’t have to give up on anything but have the loving and forgiving heart that I’ve been called to have and keep the faith I’ve been blessed with. I’m grateful I see what I see and grateful I am what I am. Take care and God Bless.

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