Diversity turns individuals into groups and classes.
Gregory Smith

I don’t think its race baiting. I am a highly educated woman and I know I had very different experiences in NYC professionally. And socially. Not sure if you read what I wrote in response to the article here but you should check that out. We moved here to Silicon Valley and I’ve never seen so much discrimination in my life. Sorry. It is what it is and I’m not afraid to say it or call folks on it.

Im an anthropologist and I’ve been a professor and through my PhD I studied race and culture and education reform. I know what I’m talking about. It’s researched. What are we going back and forth about, really. Really?

Further if you feel like “so what if geeks are white men who end up in SV” … then here is the thing … there are plenty of Black men and Latino men and women black and Latino and white et al who are also geeks! Ans love and can do much with tech but companies still say that folks are unqualified. I would agree given inequality in education that preparation is different depending on the resources to have academically (which means if you can’t get a good job you can’t live in places with great resources and then you can’t prepare your kids because the education sucks and then they are unprepared when they grow up. It’s an obvious cycle) but there are very qualified people like myself … who are not landing roles out here. Period. AND if its “so what” then, why does the NBA not being diverse bother you?? So what If very athletic and talented strong highly skilled COORDINATED men are predominately African America who make it to the NBA or NFL?? To be fair is that where ther is much opportunity for the AfAm young man? Is there opportunity equal to that of the NBA for STEM in the school districts in every public school and place of education? I’ll let you answer that. Waiting. That’s what I thought.

Like I said, no one is discriminating against white men and saying they can’t get into the NBA because they are white. But the skills and abilities of people and color and white women (too a lesser extent) are questioned when it comes to them really being “a geek” when it comes to tech because like you said, its white men. I am a wife and mother and I’m living in an area where I am concerned about my well being and my kids. And my husbands. You can’t make me question my discernment. I see it. I witness what is happening at the school when no one else really looks like my family. I don’t have to justify my experience and observation to you. I’ve never seen so much blatant discrimination. It’s just not cool. And instead of going back and forth about .. Wanna have a convo about solutions?? White privilege is real. Discrimination and institutionalize do racism is real. It is. What it is. Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy 2016 performance was bit racist. This is for many of us our experience. It’s just something us Americans need to accept! So we can heal! No need to go back and forth. What will be done. What will you do? What will people you know do? What will I do??It’s all about knowing history.

I think you should check this great thing out!

I have to run now and maybe this will all fall on deaf ears but I can’t change that. Sooner or later folks will be honest with this is. That our forefathers left a whole heap of mess for generations to come and they really didn’t factor in how Thai country will be affected. It was short sighted. And it’s Sad. Imagine the potential for this country without all the hate and divisiveness and mistreatment. Without diversity of people you don’t have diversity of thought not perspective and you can’t solve problems as effectively as you can otherwise.

All the Best to you!

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