Bah, that’s not diversity.
Gregory Smith

I hear you but when ummm yes that is diversity. The NBA is diversity. Don’t just pick out a section of it to make the point. What black and Latinos and Asians are owning teams and trading individuals?

Come on now. Folks here in Silicon Valley say there is no diversity and companies feel like it is not a problem (or historically haven’t given a damn about it … that’s why we are here) or having people of color or women in leaderships (as VPs on boards etc — recently communicated by Apple) or let’s say the Oscars for example when there “is not diversity problem” or other industries, what’s the difference? There is diversity in the NBA. You have white folks where they are with their strengths and people of color where they are with their strengths (you’ve got in the game and behind the game) …. Isn’t this the same thing tech companies say when the express they find no qualified diverse talent? And hire people of color for roles in security and janitorial or as chefs more so than as engineers or folks on product?! Are we going to flip flop here?

Mom really tired of the obliviousness and double standardness. No one is NOT hiring for the NBA because they are white and it is believe they are not qualified. There just might be a more qualified athlete. It’s not discrimination and that’s the difference. There is sheer discrimination with hiring in SV. I live here. I see it. My husband works in the biggest tech company in the world. I have spent my life in other parts of the country and have had different experiences as a professional based on where I’ve lived.

Its okay if you want to look at that as one in the same but it’s not right or real. No one is discriminating against hiring people in the NBA like they are discriminating against hiring people of color in tech. Period.

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