Yes, Ms. Kelly, to a large extent bigotry is a socially transmitted evil.
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

I think the underlying reason for such action is fear of loosing ones position in life. Ones power. Ones privilege. We have a socially constructed class system which has always been linked to race and ethnicity in this country so to maintain the social/power structure things are taught, discussed, stereotyped in relation to that.

Perhaps misunderstanding or ignorance/not knowing or not educating oneself or not questioning what’s been taught … as if it’s okay to think one person is better than another because of the color of their skin or the ethnicity, culture, nation, religion or “race” they are a member… is a problem. I mean a four year old would naturally and instinctually know that. If they are taught wrong from right.

You may call it tribal but that is to suggest it is instinctual. I don’t buy that. We can all make choices. There are enough examples in this world in this day and age to know what racism, sexism et. al looks like. What being mean is and feels like. What exclusion is.

Are you kidding me? This is about hate. About fear. About being taught we are NOT part of the same community because to your point, if it is able tribal behavior then wouldn’t we be looking out … for each other … for our brethren?? If we go with what you are saying, then we are taught first then who is or is not part of the “tribe” which is rooted in something else then from there we are loyal to that tribe? Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

What you are saying is an excuse. I am not going to agree with someone if they are saying bad things about others or bullying them or stereotyping them just because we share the same skin color or neighborhood and the other person being talked negatively about does not! It is a personal choice.

When parents have taught me throughout my life these things, I still know right from wrong because they have taught me that too (its hypocritical) and when a community reinforces that then sure I’m less likely to question my parents but when at least I become grown and no longer live in the shelter or bubble in the community which was designed by my family and those around me, I should be able to think for myself.

Kind of like how the author has done … and he has written/shared this article.

and it Mrs. Dalencour.

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