My Favorite VR Experiences

Some of my favorite VR Experiences are VU Cinema VR, Roller coaster VR, and Gear VR’s Movie Theater.

VU Cinema VR including more featured than needed to satisfy multiple different types of users’ needs. VU Cinema VR lets user stream YouTube videos and videos from a remote computer using DLNA so the user can enjoy any videos in really immersive VR experience, it allows users to watch videos on a movie theatre like screen.

Link to the app:

Roller Coaster VR on the other hand, is a Roller Coaster simulator, which allows users to visualize what its like to be on a Roller Coaster while sitting in their houses. It is not the most immersive experience in the world, but it gets the job done.

Link to the app:

Gear VR’s Movie Theater is exclusive to Gear VR, it allows users to watch videos and pictures stored on their local Galaxy devices, in a theater like experience. It also features DLNA streaming for streaming from a local computer. I chose to include Gear VR’s theater in addition to VU Cinema VR because, gear VR is better to use compared to google cardboard and developers had to only focus on developing the app for Galaxy devices, so they optimized it as much as possible for the best results. Where VU Cinema VR had focus on making an app that runs well on almost every Android device.

Gear VR’s Movie Theater is available on Oculus store on galaxy devices for free.

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