WIEChina teacher sharing ESL teaching life for who prepare to teach in China

Written by David @WIEChina

Greetings, soon-to-be ESL Teachers:

Give a glance to it if you are wondering not only what to prepare before departure to China but also what is daily teaching life looks like after spending a few months in China. A routine interview was given to a teacher who claimed to have received a fantastic help from his company after a couple of month teaching. Fortunately for him, he received a very best assistance from his company which sent a team called “Customer Service Department” as known as a HR team. The interview for the teacher began in a classroom where he usually sends his students away every day. Instead of having a free style chat the interview was started by asking and answering some designed questions as below:

Ø “Q: What do you like or dislike about the job?

A: Likes: I like the autonomy, way of creating the lessons. I also like the students because they are willing to practice and excise their skills. The school colleagues and Chinese colleagues are the best also the teaching schedule.

Dislikes: the weather, Guangzhou is really hot and humid also artificial. Hot weather makes people lack of sleep. The position may have got changed after one-year contract end.

Ø Q: Do you think you have control of your class in general? (class management)

A: yeah, in general. Rapport, they value you as a person rather than a teacher. It is necessary to keep the instruction clear and simple. Capture any chance to challenge the students to make them genuinely are interested. Point system with younger kids is very helpful. In addition, try to push your students a bit of further making them aware the meaning of the challenges. PPTs make students are visually occupied.

Ø Q: What are the effective activities you often use to incorporate into teaching? (Eg. games, crafts, chants, songs, situational activity, survey and etc.)

A: The activities are used usually included :

ü A4 size paper producing;

ü Presentation;

ü Critical thinking questions;

ü Role play;

ü Group discussion;

ü Students bring up topics;

ü Problem finding solution;

ü Student teaching a lesson;

Ø Q: Do you think your students understand the rules of your games or other activities?

A: Not every student. Always expect high-level students answer the questions from general to complex. In fact, sometimes student do get lost in the lesson. Do making examples as many as possible, also write up something important on the board

Isn’t that great to keep the standing communication with your team smooth and frequent? This way, it helps your teaching life much easier and your career develop rapidly.