Lesson 1: The Biggest Stone

Dear Friend,

You have probably heard the story at least once — the one about filling the jar with the biggest stones first so you can fit in all the other smaller stuff later. With the jar being life and the biggest stone as your highest priorities, it is all too simple and surprisingly easy to discount this lesson. I know I have — for too many days, weeks, years even.

The thing is, I know what is important to me..what would make my life really great..but I am not good at applying it. So, to challenge myself and to maybe help someone out there who might be struggling like me, I am writing this lesson and pray that it will not be in vain.

The most important thing for me is to spend time with my Master — the One who loves and sustains me when the whole world is falling apart, the One who patiently holds my hand and embraces me so that I am never alone and no problem is beyond solving, the One who I know has already triumphed and has prepared a wonderful eternity ahead for those who choose to love and obey Him.

Why is that? Because even though as a Christian who believes that true salvation cannot be revoked, I need to honestly look at myself: did I really choose to love Him? or am I just going through the motions and trying to fool myself into thinking that I am not going to be one of those who call him “Lord, Lord” but He does not recognize because I have not really hung out with Him?

I have really fallen far from when the first spark of passion was lit in my heart. Oh, I was so in love with Him..so much that I became concerned that I would not be able to relate to those whose hearts are far from God. To be sure, I did not just wake up with such an intimate relationship with Him one day — it was a slow and uphill climb but with the Holy Spirit’s help, it was sweet. It was not a perfect upward incline either. My pastor said that spiritual growth is an upward spiral: going up some days and going down on others but each day you build upon the last so that you are gradually improving. Two steps forward, one step back. Some days, I was like a gazelle swiftly leaping high up to the mountaintop and some days were like a dry desert. Sometimes hard times come and knock us out of our path but well, there is not much to do but get back on right?

So here we are and yes, I think I can relate better to those whose hearts are not so near to Him now. I have also experienced much grace that I hope I will be able to extend as well.

Now on to the action point: How shall I do it?

First, prepare my heart to meet Him. Stillness to look into my heart and allow Him to take away the things in my life that do not please Him, so that I can receive all the gifts that He does want to bless me with!

Then I can look up to Him. I find that heart songs are great in drawing me into His presence. I do not need a repertoire of the latest worship lyrics. Even just one song sung with the heart is capable of changing a whole row of hardened criminals in jail (but that is another story for another time). So a simple hymn like Amazing Grace would be well, amazing :D

After which, I ask the Holy Spirit for help in understanding that which can only be spiritually discerned. All the intelligence in the world is useless (I exaggerrate but you already know that) in trying to understand the Word of God. And then, I read. I read until the Spirit shows me something important. I thank Him and write it down (I don’t really have to but I find that it multiplies my learning) and I ask for help so that I can apply that lesson ASAP to cement it into my being and aid in my metamorphosis into an awesome believer! Yay, God!!

Necessary items: Bible, notebook, pen, lyrics to a heart song 
(or Barebones supply: Bible app, any memorized love song directed to God)

Tip: For better progress, I pick a place and time where I want to do this everyday. This is my altar for the living sacrifice that I joyfully offer Him as consistently as I can, even if it is just 7minutes a day ❤

Thank you for journeying with me!

picture from http://thebibleworkshop.com