Schedule Posts in WordPress without plugin

Schedule post in WordPress is its inbuilt feature, you don’t need any extra plugin for it, which is great. and if you want the more extra feature then you go with Plugins.

You will find many free plugins for this purpose.

Why does anyone need to schedule their posts?

If you manage to write 4,5, or more post in a day and you don’t want to publish all of them at that time. The solution for it is either save them to Draft and click on Publish Button for publishing when the right time comes. But you need to login to your Dashboard every time when you want to publish it.

The next case, if you completed your post at night and don’t want to publish it right away. You want to publish it in near future.

For this type of cases why not use WordPress schedule feature which is inbuilt, it is very simple to use and it automatically publishes your posts on your set time.

You don’t find any Schedule Button, it is little hidden.

1. So, How to Schedule?

Write your new blog post or either open your saved post from Draft. Then, go to Publish section and click on Edit following with Publish immediately text.

After clicking on Edit you see Date time option visible on the screen from their set Date time when you actually want to publish and click on Ok Button.

When you clicked Ok then you see Schedule Button instead of Publish click on it.

Your post is now scheduled successfully, it automatically gets published on your set time.

2. How to Unschedule a Scheduled Post?

But what if you want to Unschedule your scheduled post in future, for this, you didn’t find any Unschedule Button.

Go to your Post Edit mode which you scheduled and within Publish section in the top right you see your Schedule Date time.

Click on Edit following with Schedule for, here Update your set date time or clicks Cancel Button and then click on Update.

3. Conclusion

Schedule posts make your life little easier you didn’t need to login to account every time for hitting a Publish Button.

It is an inbuilt feature of WordPress which make it lots easier.

If you publish your every post on a particular time of a day then this feature is very useful for you. You don’t need to Draft your completed articles.

There are many free plugins out there for Scheduling which make it more manageable for you.

Some plugins are

Originally published at on August 21, 2016.