I’m hiring an executive assistant

My name is Yancey, and I’m the CEO of Kickstarter. Hi!

We recently posted a job for an executive assistant. This is someone that I’ll be working closely with, so I wanted to say a few words about what the job entails, the kind of person I’d love to work with, and what it’s like to work at Kickstarter.

What the role entails

I became CEO of Kickstarter on January 1st of this year. Before this role, I served Kickstarter as a community support person, an advisor to creators, a copywriter, a spokesperson, the head of our community team, the head of our communications team, and a cofounder.

The day LeVar Burton came to visit our library

The executive assistant role is similarly diverse. You’ll work very closely with me and our senior leadership. You’ll anticipate the kinds of things that will help me and the organization better serve each other, and our community. And, yes, there’ll be plenty of the typical work on time management — scheduling travel, preparing for meetings, and making sure I’m focused on the things that matter.

Earlier this year we threw open our office for a block party. Tens of thousands of people showed up.

You’ll be interacting with a hugely diverse group of people — other Kickstarter staffers, board members, the press, artists, photographers, filmmakers, you name it. You’ll prep me for meetings, give office tours to visitors, and ensure that our days run smoothly.

Our office in Greenpoint: a renovated pencil factory. Yes — pencils!

The two biggest challenges I see for the role: 1) managing and prioritizing requests for my time, and 2) managing me. While managing and prioritizing requests for my time is a huge part of this role, I still find the whole needing-an-assistant thing kinda strange. You’ll need the experience and comfort to jump in and take the reigns, rather than waiting for me to ask.

Who I’d love to work with

The most important traits in this role: experience being an executive assistant, thoughtfulness in all things, a professional manner, an unflappable disposition, and a passion for what we do at Kickstarter.

Win and Charlie prepping family dinner night. See more here.

You’re patient, a creative thinker, detail-oriented (but not a robot), and generally a positive person. All of your past colleagues and managers would hire you again in a heartbeat. If this sounds like you, we should talk!

What it’s like to work at Kickstarter

Kickstarter is an inspiring place to work. We spend our days helping people do creative things. The days where something amazing happens outnumber the days when it doesn’t. Here’s a blog post about a particularly eventful day a couple of years ago.

One of the most memorable days in Kickstarter history

If you work with us, you’ll be joining a family of 100 enthusiastic and thoughtful people. We’re writers, musicians, moms, dads, filmmakers, mathematicians, engineers, artists, chefs, furniture makers, dungeon masters, and just generally very nice, friendly, smart people. The work is challenging and meaningful, the team is diverse and inspiring, and the work-life balance is — for the most part — sane.

Our staff art show. If you squint you can see my oil painting contribution in the very back.

As a company we want to inspire a creative golden age where everyone can bring their creative idea to life. We strive for integrity in everything we do, and we strive to always serve our community and each other with humility and respect. Our track record is strong — tens of thousands of people making their dreams come true, and more than $1 billion distributed to creators around the world. It’s amazing on a daily basis.

This is me giving a commencement address at McNally Smith College in St Paul last year

If this role is interesting to you or someone you know, you have the right experience, and you’re inspired by our mission, please reach out! Just send an email to jobs@kickstarter.com. The full details on the job are here.

This isn’t the only position we’re hiring at the moment. We’re looking for several other big roles as well, including a VP of Community, a Head of Design, a senior UX designer, a UX researcher, software engineers, and lovely people for community support. If one of these roles sounds like you, please say hello: jobs@kickstarter.com

We’re a mission-first company and our mission is to help bring creative projects to life. We’re committed to building a richer, more diverse culture for everyone. If our cause inspires you, please reach out and say hello.


(PS: Thanks to Chad Dickerson at Etsy for his excellent post that I’m lovingly copying. Cheers!)