Early July, we have scheduled a showing of the house this Friday. This is very exciting as having renters and a move-in date means we can book the flight to Tokyo and reserve our first place to stay there. Very exciting indeed!

I finished an online course I did last weekend plus wrapping up a critical project at work, it means I now have time to organize, prepare and research. Other side is still busy trying to get her course underway, attempting to make the exam in the middle of August. Meanwhile we got our vaccinations, though the kids still need to get some Rabies shots towards the end of the month.

In between scheduling doctor appointments and bank meetings, we’re also collecting the essential gear we need. As a former gear freak, it takes extra effort to decide what is essential and what is not. I guess you never get over it so ‘former’ might be the incorrect term here.

I now no longer try to keep this secret at work, who knows, it may prove useful as I know people from around the globe there, tips and ideas are always a blessing. A good friend with whom I talked today, was actually planning to visit India, his home country, around the same time we’re planning to be there, it would be fantastic if we could get together there.

As our oldest daughter left for summer camp, the middle one started to draw all flags and country’s facts in his notebook. He’s so invested and interested, it fills me with joy and belief this trip will be a corner stone in their lives.

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