Manjaro — Docker credential store configuration

To enable secured registry credentials storage, follow these instructions (compiled from

  • install dependencies: sudo pacman -S gpg2 pass -y
  • create gpg2 key: gpg2 — gen-key
  • follow the instructions on screen, copy the generated key when done
  • generate pass key store: pass init <copied key>
  • insert docker’s password into the store : pass insert docker-credential-helpers/docker-pass-initialized-check
  • enter the ‘pass is initialized’ as the docker password
  • check with: pass show docker-credential-helpers/docker-pass-initialized-check
  • download docker-credential helper from (there may be a newer version, check at
  • extract to /usr/bin/ or anywhere in $PATH
  • add this line to ~/.docker/config.json: “credsStore”: “pass”
  • test the access to the credential store with: docker-credential-pass list
  • the output should be {}
  • login to the registry with: docker login <registry url>

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