Sometimes, without an obvious reason, like become stressful. It seems there’s a bad karma attached to this trip but we refuse to listen or acknowledge its existence. Luckily I believe in karma.

It is middle of August, we didn’t find a renter yet and this is causing a massive delay in the plan. I hope now that she had her exam, she’ll be able to push this forward. There was a big argument few weeks ago, after I asked the rental agency to drop the requested price but to advertise the house as furnished only. Ever since this argument I washed my hands off this, needless to say I still feel pressed against the wall — I don’t understand why in this area extreme hot real estate market, we can’t find a suitable short term renter.

I have a checkup tomorrow. I figured I’m almost turning the page on my 3rd decade, it would be nice to meet at last my physician. I usually avoid meeting doctors unless I need a note or a prescription, this time I have a feeling it is time to use the system, i.e. general checkup, skin check and finally a reference (!) to vasectomy. Time is, at least in our current dimension, is flowing uni directionally, then better take care of some probably future elements, but there’s this uneasy feeling that from here it goes downhill.

We applied for a line of credit with the bank that lent us the mortgage, the bank declined. I wanted to use the house as the security against the loan, but the bank didn’t like the house is sitting on a leased land. Second mortgage? no problem! Low risk credit line which may or may not be used? not going to happen. go figure bankers’ rationale. So tomorrow we’ll try our luck with our good ol’ bank and hear what they have to offer. The intention is to have some kind of a backup plan, just in case we need cash, and that when we pay it back we won’t pay outrageous credit card rates.

The trip’s checklist is stagnating. I couldn’t mark anything as done in the last few weeks and this is unbelievably frustrating! I hope things will change for the better and the bad karma disappears, and we’ll be checking the list as crazy.

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