Why I write about my kids
Jody Allard

Every passing writing on this subject makes further clear, you simply don’t get it. It’s truly sad; not so much for you, but for your children who had no choice about being swept up into this mad obsession about which you’re organizing your life. Being a responsible parent is entirely lost on you with your all-consuming feminist fanaticism.

Jody, this “war” against “rape culture” is your passion, clearly not your sons’. They are dismissing you repeatedly b/c they’ve heard it all before, and your arguments have been judged more than wanting. As you said yourself, “I do not want to prove my pain, or provide enough evidence to convince anyone that my trauma is merited. I’m through wasting my time on people who are more interested in ideas than feelings …”

You’ve lost, Jody. When you demand fealty and reject all calls for logic, every critical thinker, with or without a penis, will tune you out in less than a minute. Their lives are theirs now, not yours to wave around as evidence of things you insist have victimized you. Have some common decency, leave your boys out of the public battles against all things XY chromosome.

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