Jim — Why I Left And Came Back!

Hello everyone, this is an article on why i left The Silver Cup and then returned a few months later.

New Job

First of all, I got a new job and this went from doing a small part time job where i was getting paid at the end of every shift and was for not a lot of money to being paid at the end of every month, it was full time and the wage was better.

This meant i could not dedicate my time to a team as lots of the time i would be at work and unable to make the matches and i also could not find the time to do admin work either. I announced to you all i would take a break and return at the end of season 3 of The Silver Cup and it is what I did as I was the caster for The Silver Cup Season 3 Grand Final.

Personal Home Issues

Ok, this story is hard to tell as it is all to do with my mum.

So I was around 2–3 months into my new job, still fairly stressed and getting used to working full time hours. it did not help that one night my mum woke up with clumps of hair falling out. She was really stressed and i was lucky as it was a day off of mine so i could stay at home with her and help her get some head scarfs.

It was a shock for us all and since then she gets upset when she is thinking about it or sees it or even when someone makes a nice comment. This takes effect on me because it is my mum and we have a really good bond.

It also started to take effect on my behavior and i am very easily upset/aggravated as a few people know and i said my apologies and explained why so when i get angry i do not mean it.

In conclusion these two factors together made this time in my life very very difficult and i just needed a break, I am back now with an ambition to dedicate as much time as possible to The Silver Cup to help develop, cast, admin and just be a member of the community, you guys are amazing.

Two people have helped me along the way, whether they have made me laugh or have just helped me in general so they deserve a mention as a thank you from me: