Three takeaways #1: the beginning

Hi there,

My name’s Ytsen. I am an aspiring venture capitalist🚀. I have been investing at the earliest stages of venture capital for about half a decade. In this blogpost, I am looking to share my thoughts about this entrepreneurial, courageous and technology driven world of the future.

It’s not a secret that the world of venture capital is highly interdependent. Venture capital funds with flat hierarchies seek out alliances and need to work with others to accomplish their goals. Zero-sum games, where only one party wins, often lead to both parties losing out in the long-run. Win-win has become a necessary reality in this networked space.

In order to get ahead, you need to do something different and bring a unique edge to the playing field. Although writing the 10 to the power of Nth blogpost is far from doing something different, I would like to start sharing my perspectives with a broader audience. I am a big fan of the methodology of learn, do and teach in order to acquire or improve skills and competencies.

I will do this in the form of “three takeaways”. Why three you say? I like the number three. It is the smallest number that allows us to recognize patterns in a set. It further follows storytelling principles that suggests people better understand concepts, situations and ideas in groups of three. It is also a feasible number of things I think I can get out of life’s events. If I can get three things out of a call, book or event that I went to, I like to think it was a successful experience. If I can’t, it was probably not such a successful experience.

For the beginning of three takeaways, I’ve read multiple blogs and medium posts about starting to write. Here they come:

  1. Write about things you love to read, think through and discuss with others. You can therefore expect my three takeaways to be about things I like: venture capital and startups, books I’ve read and an occassional holiday🏄.
  2. Consistency is key in any blog strategy. People start recognizing your content based on a consistent writing style throughout the material. I’m thinking three takeaways will happen semi regularly, once every week or so. Consistent enough? Let’s see about that.
  3. Just do it already. Apparently, people need the right motivation to start writing. Taking into account that I’ve put “writing” on my goals list two consecutive years and haven’t started until now, I can relate.

So here we are — three takeaways: the beginning. That’s all for now 👋.



Ytsen van der Meer

Venture Capital investor @ NOM. Investing from pre-seed to series A+ in technology driven companies in the Netherlands