Preface: This fall I did a part time internship at a creative agency called Chil Creative. I decided to take this internship because the agency is run by one of my favorite Atlanta based photographers and thought it would help me improve how I take and edit photos; but while I was there I learned a lot more than that. At Chil, I applied creativity to things such as website user experience, videography, and corporate branding. It was an eye opening experience and has made me a more open and better computer scientist.

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Despite what people think, computer science is more than copying and pasting from Stack Overflow. Computer science is a hybrid form of art. Much like any form of art, computer science is about taking the things you learn in class or read online and using them as inspiration to come up with unique solutions for unique problems. The best programmers are both logical and creative. They use their creativity to contemplate different ideas, but rely on their intuition and logic to turn those ideas into well designed and implemented code. Therefore, your ability to code is limited by your creativity. …


Yash Tulsiani

Computer Science @ Georgia Tech.

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