Use fastai and image_tabular to integrate image and tabular data for deep learning and train a joint model using the integrated data

Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash. Icons designed by ibrandify.

Donald Cerrone (Image source: MMA Junkie)

The Number of UFC Fights Hit New High In 2019

UFC increased the number of fights dramatically in 2014 and held over 500 fights in 2019, which is twice as many as a decade ago.

Referee of the Decade

Herb Dean refereed almost 600 fights over the last decade, which is twice as many as what the runner-up refereed.

Hardest-working Fighter of the Decade

Donald Cerrone had 33 fights over the…

Image source:

T cells attacking a cancer cell (Image source:

Data collection

We will need two types of data to predict UFC fights. First, we need the information of each UFC bout such as the opponents and result. Second, we need UFC fighter records and statistics including their striking and grappling. Lucky for us, FightMetric hosts both types…


I used the most recently released Intel i5 9600K CPU and RTX 2070 GPU. Although there is a lot a debate on how much improvement they offer from their preceding generations, my philosophy…

Epitope recognition by T cell © Juan Gaertner

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