Creative idea-Coca-Cola Friendly Twist

Coca-Cola has a lots of successful campaigns, my favorites one is the friendship twist campaigns. They developed a new bottle cap, which cannot be open in the normal way. It needs to be matched with other cap and twisted to open both bottles. Why they came up with idea? It is because they found the first day of new semester in colleges; students are unwilling to star talk and interaction with others. This small change can help them star talk. When I saw this video I think back my first day of school. It is true that lots of people just sit there alone and felt embarrassed to communicate with others. But this new cap was really a good way to start conversation with people you just met.

There are lots things we can learn from this Coca-Cola campaign. It not only showing the communication between college students also how brand talk to their customers. It is not hard to image that when two people get together and after open their coke, they will fell happy about this sharing action, which match the main image of Coca-Cola, share and happiness. Those customers will also have a deep impression in mind of this product and this brand brings them happiness, which enhanced their brand and image.

I think it is a creative big idea, which offered a solution and also make sense to many people. This “wow” effect successfully stands out from other competitors. It actually cost little of money by just put few vending machines with this new cap coke in several campuses, but has huge impact, because people will keep talking about it with their friend or share on social media especially those students who had try those new coke, which help Coca-Cola built more followers. Until now they have over 9 million views on YouTube. Like the Korean taco truck case, this became like an icon, people think it is very cool and will share or post on social media. In other hand, after people getting to know this new cap, they will like to buy that and have try with friend, which will increasing the sale for sure, because to open this cap you need at least 2 of them, either you buy your own or buy with friends.