My Micro-Moment

First let me explain what is Micro-Moment , very simple, the moment that your smartphone make you do something or changed your behavior. Here is a video which will showing some examples.

I am going to share my own Micro-Moment of this week. I saw my friend post a food photo on Instagram, which looks very delicious. So I clicked on #ngamnyc, which is the restaurant’s homepage. I found Ngam(99 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003) is a Thai restaurant in Manhattan. Their food looks nice and I like the atmosphere of there. At this moment I feel like there might be a good place to meet friends. I also looked up the reviews on Yelp. Most people give a 4 points and more out of 5 points, which prompted me to make the decision that I am going to try this restaurant recently.

I went there Sunday and have dinner with my friend. The restaurant was cozy, well decorated and very friendly service. I think Ngam are no longer only about good food and service but also how neat the place looks. It is good for taking pictures and upload it in Instagram. That’s all our my Micro-moment, which I think is a memorable experience.