Teaching programming languages: we’re doing it wrong
JJ Merelo

Once upon a time… there was a lonely developer that could analyse the problem domain, design, develop, test and deploy the whole solution using just single development environment.

Nowadays, the industry requires to solve are more complex problems, more powerful tools have been built but our capacity to learn is more or less the same.

I know that the idea of the full stack developer is attractive, but it is foreseeable that some day the complexity of the stack would exceed the capacity of one single person to understand it.

By other side, specialization have the key secret of the human being productivity in the last centuries.

My opinion is that investors should recognize that more complex solutions needs more human resources. There should be also specialized developers in the specific technologies of the stack. Maybe full stack developers (architects) as glue.

In the process of teaching need to change also, maybe the publishing houses will move to release book series giving solution to a sample problem. This packs might have a book for introducing the stack, describing the common problem, guidelines and a common prototype to develop. The other books of the pack could teach the specific technologies but using the sample sample and develop the part that corresponds.

Is this already being done ? I’m just guessing. :-)