Apple Music China Redesign (Part 1)

Last week we agreed on redesigning a project like Apple Music China, and we were also open for other great ideas. So this week each of us pitched a redesign project, and voted for the one we all agreed to work on. I stuck to Apple Music China and luckily got my teammates’ support. Here is my pitch.

1. Problems: Why does Apple Music need redesign?

  1. Obviously chinese listeners have a different behaviour pattern compared to listeners in the North America, so UX Design should also be different. To be specific, I came up with two hypothesises: (1) Chinese listeners are more used to higher density of information.(2)Chinese listen to radio, audio book, talk show etc as well as music.
  2. Apple Music itself is not perfect yet. I find the following problems

2. Research: What do competitors look like in China?

3. Sketches

Based on the hypothesises and researches, I started to sketch out ideas on paper.

4. User Research Strategy

This is kind of schedual for next week. This project involves contrastive analysis and we concentrate mainly on the users in China.

  1. Recrute participations: identify the indispensable features and screen our users.
  2. Survey: prove the assumptions and iterate the design.
  3. User interview: include prototype test to make sure everything works as expected.

Besides, my teammates all shared great inspiring ideas.

Xia Chu Fang, Wo Niu Reading, Bai Du Yun

Zhou Yue: Why not add a voice assisstance to the kitchen App?

I get this idea from the scenario where my hands are occupied but I need to know what’s next for cooking. It will be helpful if there is a voice assistant that can read the recipe and simply interact with user’s order like “next” or “repeat”.

Chang: I love this reading App but the notes are really annoying.

It’s a great , innovative reading App which has a feature of reading leader. However, it still, to some degree, lacks a sence of community. And the notes I have taken down can only be downloaded separatedly.

Gonggong: It’s a good Cloud App in China but not so user centric.

This app is function overload. The “News” has nothing to do with cloud service. I also hope that there’s a “Favourtes” that can direct me quickly to the items I want.

To Be Continued and See You Soon!
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