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Shaping One Experience-Led VMware

Coauthored by Lynette Bian and Ofir Levy

On April 1st, we hosted SHAPE, our annual internal design conference. Different animals across VMware — tigers, pandas, flamingos — gathered for talks and workshops about the value of design and its role at VMware.

And no, that was not entirely an April fool’s day joke.

I finally managed to put my Burning Man experience into words. Along with the pictures from my disposable film camera, I hope this will give you a sense of what the life at playa is about, and how I’ve been trying to hold onto the principles of Burning Man in the default world.

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Sunset at the playa.

I came back to San Francisco from Burning Man around 10:30 pm on Labor Day. As soon as I put down my dusty belongings on the apartment floor, I rushed to shower thoroughly for the first time in a week and went to bed immediately afterward. Going…

Once upon a time, there were four Beans…

Bean and Company is an online agency covering the latest projects in photography, design and tech. Founded on the desire to make your ideas soar and collaborate with clients such as yourself, we are here to think with you, to create with you, to celebrate with you.

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In a nutshell, Bean and Company is a passion project among four friends, all of whom craved a creative outlet throughout their college years. During the six months after we launched Bean + Co, together the four of us worked with six clubs and organizations on and beyond the Tufts campus.

I am here to write about the story of how Bean and Co grew from an idea to a living, breathing project that we are so proud to be a part of.

The Preface: Who Are the Beans?

As a member of the very small dual-degree program between Tufts University and School of Museum of Fine Arts, I was approached by the admissions office to write about why I chose the program. Here are my reasons.

Why Tufts?

I was that kid in high school who would willingly spend eight hours on a painting assignment but would also enjoy writing a 14-page research paper on merits of authoritarianism. Craving for both intensive studio practices and a general liberal arts education, I had my eyes on the combined degree program between Tufts and SMFA. I deeply appreciate the…

Lynette Bian

Product Designer @VMware, Tufts Alumni.

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