Learning, Thinking, Doing

With the passage of the years my aspirations, dreams and goals have changed as well as people with whom I have identified. From singers, actors to Disney characters. Their personality, the way they think and act relates with me and I consider them as a representation of who I am or would like to be.

When I was a kid around ten years old or older, I loved hearing my favorite singer Chayanne. His songs were really pretty there wasn’t a song of him that I didn’t like. Most of them were romantic songs which I love because I was a person in love with the idea of love. I looked like crazy dancing and singing around the house all of his songs.

Anyways I didn’t only liked him because of his songs, also because of his personality. He is a very honest person, generous and strong. I always considered me a honest person, and I try to help people doing as much as I can even if those people never thank me for what I have done. He is an admirable person. He stop singing and presenting in places so he could take care of his mother, sick with cancer. One of his last songs is dedicated to his mother in some way. It is called “Tu Respiracion” and in short terms in it tells us that he needs her to be happy that his life is not the same without her love. He puts a lot of heart on his work.

Another person with who I relate to is Selena Gomez. She is a very pretty and talented actress and singer. Gomez began her career in show business in 2001 when she performed on the popular children’s program Barney & Friends as Gianna. When I was 14 years old or less I used to watch the series The Wizards Of Waverly Place, and loved her character she was a young girl a little bit crazy, always making mistakes and trying to cover them up but not succeeding most of the time, just like me. What relates to me the most is that she had one best and true friend with she could count on when needed, they were inseparable. Just like me and my best-friend. They no matter what were together, I learned a lot from them. Also in some way they were a representation of my best friend and me in real life. Both a little bit silly and immature but we didn’t care. Always massing around but having lots of fun.

As a lot of kids, when little I used to watch Disney movies. I personally loved The Lion King, this movie teaches us a lot of important lessons, like being strong, and fight for what is right, learning from your mistakes and not running from them. Also that everything is connected and maintain that balance is important. I personally love Simba the son of Mufasa the king. Simba was the prince a little baby lion that was always in trouble trying to prove his father he was brave and had courage just like him. Simba loved his father and he wanted to be just like him. After almost her friend and him loosing theirs lives he realized that being a king doesn’t mean not having fears. It is alright to have fears, that what make us who we are and not having them doesn’t make us weak. I related a lot with this movie in specific with the character of Simba. I always been a person that is not very emotional expressive or didn’t like people to see my weaknesses or fears, so I build a wall so nobody could hurt me. No one knew a thing about me because I felt they were going to hurt my feelings. This movie make me realize how wrong I was that’s why I started to change and with the time I was able to see that fears make us stronger not weaker and that we don’t need to prove nothing to anybody, prove it to yourself.

Now I am the person that I wanted to be. I have learned a lot of things and I will learn a lot more on the way of achieving my goals and dreams. I realized that people can warn you about the stuff that will found in your way of growing and learning, but at the end stumbling and falling it is how we finally learn the lesson. So don’t be afraid of making mistakes because at the end those mistakes would become in the lessons of tomorrow. One never stumbles twice with the same stone.

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