Who Wants It The Most?
Brian Athey

Hi Brian,

Great post and it totally amazing that you are paying it forward and offering a chance for others to experience the same as well.

After hearing about the past two Epicurrence gatherings its definitely made me want to experience this myself more and more. I knew since submitting my requests for the past two that it was probably a loooong shot that I would get in (given my low profile and unestablished experience in the industry) but hey, it was worth a shot right?

I’ve never gone snowboarding or skied, but it would be awesome to learn from new friends and like minded creatives as well as see what method they’d use to teach me, ey? After all, we study human behavior and look for creative ways to best educate and inform others. I am ever so eager to learn as much as I can from people I admire. (:

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