The Copic Marker — Prompt #1

The Copic sketch marker is a marker made for creatives. Based on the six factors of Papanek’s function complex, this family of Copic markers is a product of good design.

Method — The sketch marker is made of a durable plastic for life-long use. Inside are two nibs with a fiber in the middle which allows for the marker to be re-filled with ink every few years depending on the amount of use. According to the Copic website, these markers also use non-toxic chemicals to develop the ink as well. The drawing nibs are replaceable as well, but whether these nibs are recyclabe/compostable is something I’m uncertain of.

A downside to these markers are that they are only made in Japan. It’s inefficient to have to re-package and ship these products internationally.

Use — The usability of these markers are remarkable. The manga industry in Japan and internationally use these markers for coloring. In fashion, architectural, and other forms of design, these markers are also utilized. They are incredible tools due to their ability to blend and the different sizes of their drawing nibs. The colors when applied are also vibrant and crisp.

Need — Although Copic sketch markers are primarily used by professionals, the ease of use of these markers continues to gain interest from enthusiasts and other creatives. With the rising cost and constant-reuse factor of these markers, they are targeted towards an audience of design professionals who have a preference for a traditional medium.

Telesis — The cost of the materials along with rise in import costs have affected the price of these markers overseas. These markers can be multi-purpose with application ranging from UI design to hand-lettering.

Association — The lightweight marker has a neutral grey body color. This allows for the ends of the marker to delineate the actual color the marker will produce. It has a decent body size that feels good in your grip. Depending on how you like to hold your markers you may get removable marker stains on your hands.

Aesthetics — Not only is the Copic sketch marker functional, it is pleasing to look at. It has a smooth surface and a simple look. The simplicity of the design allows the function of the marker to shine.

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