100 days painting — design reflection

Admiring famous painting has always been an important part of my life. The story behind painting itself and the painter gives me a lot of thoughts, which later often turn into my design inspiration. So, I decide to do this little project, one painting at a day, about 2 minutes’ reading. By doing this, I hope I can share some basic background knowledge as well as some color/design techniques about the painting with you. I will also tell you my reflection from this painting in the end (if there is any lol), you are very welcome to share your thoughts if you like.

Day 11 — Poster for ‘Bières de la Meuse’

This poster was designed by Mucha in 1897 for a brewery company. It portrays a woman with a wreath of poppies, wheat and hops in her hair. She is holding a glass full of beer, some of the hops even overflow the rim of the glass, which looks really mouthwatering. The position and gesture of the figure is just like she’s inviting you to drink with her. Looking at her curvilinear elegant hairstyle, accessories and background floral patterns. She clearly has Slav features.

This poster incorporates two other images at the bottom of the poster that are by another artist: an image of the goddess of the river Meuse and a bird’s eye view of the brewery. Even though those images have different styles, but the combination of them looks harmonious and beautiful.

Design Reflection:

Nowadays, most posters are designed based on a creative way of presenting the idea or a funny as well as related catchphrase, which would often leave the viewer with a laugh plus a deep impression. Little commercial posters would make me stop and stare for a long time for aesthetic appreciation like Mucha’s works do. His way of combining the real photos with symbolic water-color like paintings are both innovative and delightful.

Color Palette:

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