Why Courage Is More Important Than Confidence
Narayan Kamath

Suppose something is meaningful and worth doing, then the merits that help people to begin and to continue are the keys to succeed. In this sense, both courage and confidence are critical. As courage encourages people to begin, and confidence makes people faithful to continue. I fully agree that in the beginning of a new direction, confidence is usually overconfidence and it typically comes after obtaining a better view of the playground. Confidence level should rise when the likelihood of succeeding is high. But first, a person needs to have the ability see things accurately, which can only happen after enormous practicing and high level of understanding. Courage is the fuel that enables people to start doing meaningful things even nothing seems to be certain. Personally I would need so much courage to start new things. I always thought my problem was that I was not confident enough to try. But, Damn, I got it all wrong! May courage be with you all!