That dream boy…

I somehow made it to the final round for a large financial firm, and it was like going on a date with a dream boy after flirting back and forth for months, and it was finally time to take the next step.

Excited and nervous, I put together my most corporate outfit, including a new top that I got from J-Crew. It was on the final sale, and I felt fully invested at this point. After 3 hectic networking calls with some alumni, I feel prepared and ready to tackle the interview/impress the sh*t out of people.

Well, I was underwhelmed. It might have to do with the fact that 23 other seniors from across the country were also there and I felt weird seeing my enemies’ faces. It might have to do with the fact that employees had to stay till past 8pm on a Thursday and there was no food for them. They were as tired and hungry as I was. It might have to do with one of my interviewers looking as disengaged as possible and I felt like nothing I said would ever impress him. It might have been me feeling like my bladder was about to explode but I could not go to the bathroom because my interviews were back to back and everyone interviewing me was obsessed with checking their watches.

Remember that one hot guy that everyone talks about, and you feel like this dude must be the most attractive, charming, interesting person you could have every met? One day the hot guy asked you on a date, it was everything you have ever dreamt of. Soon enough though, it was nothing like you had imagined. You do not feel a spark, not a single bit. You squeeze your brain, asking yourself why, and saying that being with this boy would make you the most envied person, or that the chances of getting with this boy is like close to zero, etc. But you are just so bored, so underwhelmed by the words coming out his mouth, every single sentence, antidote sounds dull, and you can’t wait for the date to be over.

Oh, those dream boys… Those dream jobs and dream companies. Reality is never as sweet as these dreams, and it is okay to feel underwhelmed. At least, I tell myself, now that you know.