There was a time when developing a website for business was to be enough for their online presence. Every business persons prefer to showcase their services through the website.

But now, in this mobile world, only developing a website is not sufficient to improve brand visibility and enhance the sales and services of the business. In this age of the smartphone, Time and speed have become two major aspects of any business; users need everything in a limited time and in one click. Approx 85% of consumers are preferring mobile apps and only 15% of them are utilizing websites nowadays…

Best App Marketing Strategies that Will Surely Work

In this tech-driven world, mobile app development has become one of the most beneficial platforms to invest in.

It needs a lot of creativity, to mark your presence at a place that is crowded with millions of opponents and competitors. Many startups are building mobile apps for their business to enter into this competitive market, to make their brand visible and stand out from the crowd. They search top mobile developers and designers to transform their app idea into reality.

The further step after designing and developing an app is the top app marketing.

Even after performing all the hard…

In this revolutionary world, Mobile apps have always been a vigorous part. The market of the mobile app is being immense day by day and its future is also very bright.

Mobile applications are speedily obtaining grip across the globe due to the immense number of mobile users and devices. There are millions of mobile apps are present in the Play and App store, all the apps have added huge value in their economy respectively.

It’s evaluated that there will be over 6 billion mobile app users in 2020, which will enhance the mobile economy expeditiously.

This evolving technology shows…

Just an outstanding idea and concept is not sufficient to build a mobile application. It’s very difficult and risky to move forward with only an idea, a proper mobile app development process requires a lot of time, effort, and money.

In this high-technological world, there are a lot of business ideas sprouting in the startup ecosystem to entrepreneurs every day, but there are only a few of them worth investing money and time into it and only a few of them get success in the mobile world.

Sadly, even after putting all the ideas, time, and money into their product…

Check before outsourcing your software project development
Check before outsourcing your software project development
hiring a software vendor. Do due diligence

It is crucial to know about the app development company before outsourcing. Since the success of the app depends on the quality of development, gathering information regarding the developers and the development company is essential. Every company has its own working procedures and methods that distinguish them from others, knowing about these factors help in deciding whether to grant the project to them or go with other companies. Some genuine questions should be asked to gather information about the company before hiring them.

Questions regarding the billing modes, development tools, and development costs are common, so these questions should not…

Hiring a Software House to get your software developed
Hiring a Software House to get your software developed
Hiring a Software House. DIY does not work always

Almost every business organization, be it a startup or a fortune 500 company needs software developers service either for developing internal-use software or increase their customer base. Also, there exist some companies that already have an in-house development team but are planning to expand their services. So there arises a problem in choosing whether to increase the number of in-house developers or hire an external software house.

Advantages of the in-house development team

Many business owners who want to maintain the privacy of their company’s sensitive information prefer the in-house development team. These entrepreneurs devoting their expertise, loyalty, and availability…

Cyber-security has new potency with Artificial Intelligence
Cyber-security has new potency with Artificial Intelligence
Better Cyber Security with Artificial Intelligence

Since the non-event of Y2K, protecting computer systems and everything contained within them has become an increasingly urgent priority worldwide. These days, there are news reports almost daily on businesses such as Yahoo, Marriott and eBay falling victim to computer hackers and breaches of cybersecurity processes.

The earliest recorded use of the term ‘cybersecurity’ was back in 1989 — before then, the word cyber had a distinct sci-fi vibe to it and was mainly confined to books and movies. In today’s world, cybersecurity is at the top of the list of priorities for businesses and Governments and one which, worldwide…

On Demand Delivery Platforms
On Demand Delivery Platforms
All about On-Demand Delivery Platforms

Over the years delivery services in India have grown tremendously. The revenue from on-demand deliveries is also expected to grow too high in 2019. Still, many drivers or delivery apps are in a market that is not able to perform well in the market. On-demand delivery services face many challenges with the delivery process. The major problems faced are lack of real-time tracking and lack of information about orders.

Many of the carrier or driver apps are lacking some of the features. …

How Mobility can make manufacturing industry smarter
How Mobility can make manufacturing industry smarter
Role of Mobile Apps in Manufacturing industry

IOT and automation industry together have created the greatest buzz in the industry world nowadays. This is actually the era of IoT and automation. Industry 4.0 is currently being used in industry for automation and its great popularity is not hidden to anyone in the industry market. The expectation of the customer is ever-growing. And it is very hard to meet. So many mobile solutions are being used nowadays to try to meet these needs of customers.

Application of mobility solutions for industry helps to improve their capabilities which manifest in the form of improvement in industrial processes. Data and…

Prevent these mistakes while developing your mobile app.
Prevent these mistakes while developing your mobile app.
Prevent these mistakes while going Mobile.

The use of mobiles or smartphones in the retail industry is extremely high nowadays. This can be proved by the fact that retail sales grew by 5.7% more in comparison to previous year data according to research. From this research, it was evident that the majority of the users or buyers were using mobiles to buy or get details of products. Thus every industry is trying to go for mobile apps to increase their sales.

In rush of going to mobile app for their brand, many companies make some similar major mistakes. These mistakes could cost them a lot and…

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