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What is SEO? Is it hard? How can I do well for SEO?

A client once asked me: ‘Would anyone design a website without keeping SEO requirements in mind?’

I was momentarily stunned, as I’ve met designers who didn’t have SEO requirements ready when designing a website.

Today, I’ll talk about what SEO is, and what you can do to make your website SEO-friendly.

What is SEO?

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimisation, is all about improving your website’s (company.com) or webpage’s (company.com/website) ranking on search engines.

And we aren’t just talking about Google. Since the word here is ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, SEO…

trying to learn how to draw as well

So, it has been more than a year since my last piece of writing.

I wanted to write, every day. I want to find a platform to share my thoughts and what I learned.

I took on the challenge, for the next hundred days, I will write every day, whether it is 100 words or 1000 words.

Write to learn, learn to write. That will be my principle for the next 99 articles. I will post it on Medium, my favourite blogging platform.

One of the reasons I want to get back to writing is because I want to be…

Keep writing. Keep creating.

There is no perfection. Too many drafts never get publish. I just want to write, share my thoughts and not to worry about anything else.

It isn’t hard. It isn’t rocket science.

Simply, just write a few words, hit Next and publish it. That’s all.

So I promise myself to keep creating, just like this article, short but make my point.

Creation is a muscle, the more I practice, the better I become.

A tutorial on how to create a very simple menu transition.

What we going to create today

A very simple menu transition with Sketch + Flinto.

  • (Complexity level: 1/10)
  • Time: < 15 mins

Reading on medium is wonderful. No ads. No distraction.

If you love medium or if you have spent more than 2 hours a month on Medium, please pay for it.

I don’t want to see Medium to go for a path where most publications are doing today — every article comes with lots of lots of ads. It is just almost impossible to read on those platforms now.

I am not sure how medium is going to sustain in the future, I am not sure if $5 is enough to help them to sustain, but I am sure if every…

You take out your solid phone from the pocket of your jeans. You see there is no new message. You thought you felt a vibration.

You swipe the screen to unlock your phone. You have no agenda .You swipe right and you swipe left to find the app you want to open.

You touch on the blue squarish icon. You start to scroll. And scroll. You see an interesting video, some puppies running around the house. You laugh and think that is “so cute”.

You continue scrolling. 5 minutes passed. You press the black circle button at the bottom of…

You will never stop using this video conference app. It is just … awesome!

It is painful when you want to hold an urgent video call with few of your teammates on Skype. Out of three, one might not have Skype installed on his computer.

Or should I say Skype has always been a painful experience to get everyone on board for discussion. Until today, Skype has not developed their web app that doesn’t require any installation.

On the other hand, the best messaging app in the world, Slack does not support video conversation (yet).

Google Hangouts, but who uses…

If you have watched Star Wars, you know the difference between Anakin and Luke. Both possessed great power of the force, both were the selected one, but both pursued the different paths. One to the evil, one to the good. One felt, one arose.

When master Yoda was training Luke, he focused on both skills and attitude. He knew the only way for Luke to complete its training was he cannot pick the evil path shortcut where he could acquire the power through anger and fear. At last, he became the last Jedi after he confronted with his father.

It is hard to explain to someone why don’t I eat beef because I am not very sure about the reason as well.

It is a tradition passed down from my family. Since young, I never had beef. Most of the places in my hometown didn’t sell beef as well.

I am a buddhist but I don’t practice it. (If I say yes, I am lying) The most I did was praying to 观音娘娘, 土地公公 and 天神爷爷 when I went home.

So again why don’t I eat beef? I can’t answer that and I don’t want to.

I am stubborn…

Take 5 seconds to imagine a world without colours.

It is bad right?

Just like this black bordered white circle. It is boring.

Yugene Lee

Partner @ JIN Design (jin-design.com). Every day I drink 3 cups of coffee. D&D player. SRPG & anime fan.

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