Everything looks the same (Part 1)

There are two types of designers

  • designer who inspires
  • designer who was inspired
Credit: Design Machines by Lourder Than Ten

People are complaining that the web looks the same, every website looks like each other. And there is no value in web design anymore.

But, the problem is it doesn’t just happen in the web industry, it happened in every school of design.

Can you tell which city is New York, Malaysia, Singapore and Seoul?

Suddenly every cereal package looks the same, except one that looks like it has nuts inside.

No one cares.

We care because we are designers.

We care because we see them together.

We care because we were inspired by others.

But in the end, the majority don’t care about it. Only us as designers, we care that our website looks similarly to the others.

The majority only cares about whether the web gives them what they want.

A website serves a purpose

Who cares whether Amazon looks similarly to Ebay, we care whether they could purchase the items they want at a much better price.

Who cares whether Google looks similarly to Bing, we care whether we could find the right information we are looking for.

Who cares whether Uber looks similarly to GrabTaxi, we care whether we are able to get a taxi in urgent.

We are designer, not artist

Our job as web designer doesn’t just involve in painting colours and putting texts on the website, then make it beautiful, that’s the job of an artist.

We strive to achieve the balance of form and function with limitation of budget from our clients.

Our job is to solve the web problems for our clients.

Problems as simple as generating more leads, make more sales, get engagement from their customers, reduce manual work, etc.

The website is just a tool to get all these web problems settled.

A chef who doesn’t just cook

Imagine you are a restaurant owner, would you like to hire

Mr. A — who knows how to cook proper food and put it on table.

Mr. B — who could take care of the whole kitchen from sourcing raw ingredients, negotiating prices, ensuring the freshness of the ingredients, preparing ingredients for cooking, making sure every chef is ready and then lastly cooking it.

Every era has its peak

There will always be a time when everything looks similarly to each other in the particular segment until the next break through comes in.

This era of minimalism, but what’s next?

Could it be?

If it works, it works

Could 53 design a better website? Yes, they always could and they have the team to do so. But why would they?

Form and functions

Focus on both. Not just its form.

Part 2 coming soon …