How to learn anything in a day

Everyone is busy, how to learn fast and continue improving?

Most of us are hungry of knowledge. In this free knowledge era, there are thousands of things to learn from the Internet — learning to code, design, write, illustrate, cook, play music, video production, etc.

But, how to learn it fast without giving it up half way?

For the past few months, I have tried to learn a lot of things — cooking, digital illustration, Sketch, etc.

Through out the learning, I found out the common points, that’s to learn enough to create. And, follow by this rule of learning — stop reading and start.

Learning enough to create means — learn until you can start producing something.

When I first started to learn how to use Sketch, I spent hours to read articles online and went through all the different tips. I didn’t start producing anything with it, then I failed, I gave up and switched back to Photoshop. I also forgot all the things I read about it previously.

The second time when I wanted to learn about Sketch, I started using it to design one of my project. I went through some Youtube videos and learned all the basics needed to produce. That’s all, I learned a new skill and since then I have been improving progressively through reading and doing.

The mockup I designed first time with Sketch

I hated cooking for the past 20 years of my life. I scared the fire, the pan, the knife. The only thing I know how to cook last time was maggie.

How I started learning cooking was when my housemate taught me how to cook a simple spaghetti meal. I learned how to chop garlic, boil spaghetti, pan fried garlic, gyoza, spaghetti, vege and ham. 20 minutes after, done, well cooked spaghetti.

There came second spaghetti, third spaghetti, pork chop rice, fried salmon fish, meatball mee goreng, etc. From no idea how to cook to passionate about watching Gordon Ramsay to discover new recipes.

This shows again when we have the abilities to create, it is much easier to continue to learn and improve the skill. Most of us who gave up learning a skill because we procrastinate by trying to learn it from the perfect level.

Things I learned to cook in two months

That’s it, the only way to learn is to start to learn enough to create. The creation could be a meal, a simple icon design, a simple 30 seconds song, a simple html page, a simple hello world code.

Learning is hard when we procrastinate by thinking you need to read an entire book about it to start.

Learn by doing.

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