The beauty of colours

Take 5 seconds to imagine a world without colours.

It is bad right?

Just like this black bordered white circle. It is boring.

But now, let’s look at this circle again

A beautiful circle.

It looks amazing now. Yeah, it is just a circle!

My own experience

I am a UI designer, but I am bad at colours, real bad. Most of the time, I do not know how to create a good colour scheme.

I am always looking for a formula where I can create the perfect colour scheme.

But there is none. There is no formula for the perfect colour scheme.

What I learned throughout the years was that when creating the colour scheme — it is all about the right feeling.

One question I will ask myself during the process —

What feeling am I trying to portray?

Is it nostalgic? Is it anxious? Is it adventurous? Is it angry?

What feeling does the circle make you feel?

Colours in User Interface design

The call screens for iOS, Windows and Android

Which screen would you make feel like calling someone? Is it the one with the green call button?

That’s another reason most chat apps are in green:

There is one thing I do not like about the new Material Design guideline for Android apps - the header colour is so bold that it takes away the attention from the user.

There is no right or wrong in doing so, just my preference.

The green header is taking away too much of our attention

Colours in logo design

Other than the Google colour sequence, I bet you remember most of the famous brands colour scheme.

Does it feel weird?
  • Cocacola — red and white
  • Pepsi — blue, red and white
  • Fedex — purple and orange
  • Twitter — light blue
  • Facebook — the facebook blue
  • Mcdonald — yellow and red
It is weird right?

Colours in food

The colours of the food set our appetite.

What do you see first?
  • Black makes us feel nausea. Most people want to remove any black dot from their food.
  • Golden makes us feel hungry. Look at all the fried stuff, how can you resist that?
  • Green makes us feel refreshing. Eating those make us healthier.
  • Red makes us feel hungry as well. Like eating an apple a day so we can kick the doctor away.
  • White makes us feel empty. We definitely want more of it yet we do not.

Do you know why fast food companies use red & yellow in their restaurants?

The interior of KFC store

Warm colours are meant to make you feel hungry, so you spend more.

Yet, warn colours interior also makes you won’t want to stay inside for longer.

So you will then finish your food as quick as possible and leave.

Colours in real life

Won’t you want to wake up and look at this everyday?

Love the greenness

Or you would prefer to look at this?

OMG, that’s my life.

We want our life to be more colourful. No one likes to live in place that surrounded by the dullness of grey. That’s another reason we are stressed out easily living in the city.

Making use of the power of colour

If you want to be more motivated every morning while you wake up, why not design your room to be like this?

Colours evoke our emotion

Get a small plant. Hang a wallpaper. Buy some colorful decorations. And you will have a better morning everyday.

The world is beautiful. Do not let the dull city sets your world.
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