The checklist for web form design (part 1)

Yugene Lee
Nov 22, 2015 · 2 min read

While designing a form for your website, follow the checklist provided below:

#1 Clear and visible labels

Form labels must be easily recognisable

#2 Easily readable font size

All form elements should be easily readable

#3 Mobile Friendly Tappable areas

Ensure it is more than 44px height so it is tap friendly on mobile devices

#4 Input field size that makes sense

All form fields should have related length

#5 Clear spacing between each element

Remember to make the elements easier to scan through

#6 Two types of error messages — general and specific

Having a specific error message could ease the user when filling up the form

#7 Show the required and optional

Sometimes, not all elements are required

#8 Visually organized

Don’t make it look like it was done by amateur

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