The Scrolling Syndrome

Yugene Lee
2 min readMar 14, 2016

You take out your solid phone from the pocket of your jeans. You see there is no new message. You thought you felt a vibration.

You swipe the screen to unlock your phone. You have no agenda .You swipe right and you swipe left to find the app you want to open.

You touch on the blue squarish icon. You start to scroll. And scroll. You see an interesting video, some puppies running around the house. You laugh and think that is “so cute”.

You continue scrolling. 5 minutes passed. You press the black circle button at the bottom of the phone. You quit the app with the blue bar on top.

You touch on a brown graphical camera icon this time. You scroll. You see the pictures of some cute girls and handsome guys. And you see the ice cream your friend had yesterday.

You wonder, why can’t I take great pictures like them. How did they do it.

You continue scrolling. Another 5 minutes passed. You press on the black circle button again.

Suddenly, you see there is a red bubbleon top of the greenish phone-liked icon. The bubble states 36. You touch on the icon.

You know the group. You joined it 2 years ago. You met most of the people there, just there are so much you knew of them. People inside posting funny pictures, poking one to another. You smile.

The bus comes. You put your phone back to your pocket. 15 minutes just passed. And you do not know what just happened.

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