Why I chose to subscribe on medium for $5 a month?

Reading on medium is wonderful. No ads. No distraction.

If you love medium or if you have spent more than 2 hours a month on Medium, please pay for it.

I don’t want to see Medium to go for a path where most publications are doing today — every article comes with lots of lots of ads. It is just almost impossible to read on those platforms now.

I am not sure how medium is going to sustain in the future, I am not sure if $5 is enough to help them to sustain, but I am sure if every fan pays for it, we can see medium for a lot longer in our lifetime. Or they may even delay the acquisition deal before another company decides to buy them over.

Ads are just everywhere

I didn’t mean ads are not good, ads pay for the article, that’s how the publication companies survive since the old time. But sometimes there are more ads than words on an article.

Just so many ads inside an article

I believe you wouldn’t want to read an article where the ad is hidden in between of two paragraphs and you accidentally tap on it and it brings you to another page where you have to tap back to go back to the top of that article again and start scrolling to the place to continue to read. It sucks right?

Just like a book

Medium is different, the reading experience is smooth and seamless, reading on medium is like reading a book, no distraction, pure reading, from top to bottom, no external ads. Wouldn’t it be good if this company can actually make it and change the publication world one day?

I understand there are still grey area where medium one day might use the writer’s content to make money. That’s why if everyone chooses to pay for it, that might be the last option for them to survive.

As of today, Medium is a place where writer focuses on writing and reader focuses on reading. Great content, interesting stories, awesome educational material, everywhere on medium. I don’t want it to change, I want it to be better.


A new homepage

It changes from displaying all my following stories to more of a “discovery” feed. Love it!

What are the other benefits as a so called founding member?

  • A smarter reading experience (new homepage on web and both iOS and Android app)
  • Hand-curated topics
  • Exclusive stories from top writers
  • Personal, offline reading list

I am Yugene, I run a small UX & UI design agency based in Singapore. Current favourite game: Clash Royale.