I posed a question to the guest speaker at HUGE’s event just thirty minutes ago

How can we develop and improve our design sense? How can we learn to differentiate between good and bad design?

The answer was pretty simple.

1. Look at good designs. Find them on Behance or other design recommendation websites. Identify how they do good design.

2. Practise. For novice designers with no portfolio, give yourself a project brief and start practising. E.g. I want to redesign Skype. Do it, show your thought processes on why you do it, how you do it and how the processes have improved e.g. Sign in process cut down from 5 to 2 steps. What considerations did you think of? Tech? Business goals? How did you address them?

3. Attend a class. GA has pretty good design courses.

The presentation was brief but succinct. I sure have picked up a thing or two from it. Networking isn’t that scary after all:)

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