The importance of teamwork and listening

I’m glad to have Evonne steering the wheel in our project discussion yesterday.

After affinity mapping, our group managed to list down about 8 problem statements that library users faced. Next up was the ideation phase. We got really fixated on coming up with solutions based on those statements. One solution to one problem. It was a dry and boring process.

This was when Evonne shared her view that there seems to be something lacking in our solutions. While it was nice to solve those problems, there seem to be a lack of innovation, or something ‘bigger’ that could value add to the project and make the user experience a more engaging one.

Instead of using the problem statements as triggers to solve issues one by one, we were told to think about interesting add-on from apps which we’ve used before that can solve these problems. It can be any interesting thing that we’ve come across. This broadened the scope of the project and got us thinking.

Eventually, creative ideas flowed from one to another so naturally and we got excited that the project became more interesting. Because the project became more interesting, we got more excited and more creative and interesting ideas flowed. It’s a positive vicious cycle. Features like a daily count down towards the due date instead of a reminder of the due date nearing the date surfaced as part of brainstorming.

If there’s anything learnt from this incident, it’s that working closely with your teammates and listening to what they have to say is important. Questions prompted at the right time triggers discussions and you’ll never know where the discussion may lead to. More often than not, it’ll be a positive one.

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