Its been awhile.

Its been awhile, How you been? How’s your family? Hope all is going well. I’m writing this to let you know I’m sorry. I’m sorry of how things ended. I’m sorry for cutting you cold. I’m sorry of how I acted. I’m sorry that I betrayed your trust. I’m sorry that you were open to me and I shut you out like it was nothing. I’m sorry you treated me like a bestfriend and I just turned my back when I couldn't deal with the situation, instead of talking to you like a friend should. I’m sorry that I drag you into the mess I made when we moved in together. I’m sorry for playing with your emotions last time we saw each other. I’m Sorry. I’m sorry for all the repercussion that happened. I will take full responsibility. You did nothing wrong, I instigated everything that led to me overreacting. But what I’m most sorry for is that it took me this long to tell you I’m sorry. For everything you done for me, I at least owe you a apology. I let my pride take over me. I be lying if I didn't want to be friends again, to go back to those time were we laugh and drive around listening to music talking about our life. How we would always have those late night adventures and eat at Ihop. Its funny how all those sad song that I love so much came to reality to me. In order for me to move on with my life, I needed to accept all my wrongs and regrets and learn from them. I didn't regret our friendship, I regret how I took it for granted. But I want to know that I'm sorry and I still consider you a good friend of mine, even if you don't consider me a friend anymore. I’ll continue to cheer you on and support you from a far. I cant take back what I said or the actions that I did but what I can do Is Hope for the best for you and for me to move on…. I'm sorry.