Trip to Shenzhen

This week, I was invited to visit the China Merchants development. I heard that Shenzhen is famous of the ecological construction. I only saw the this kind of structure on the textbooks. So when I got the invitation, I was so excited.

Because Shenzhen is in the south of China. So it’s very hot there no matter summer or winter. So people use the plant and its shade to avoid the heat. I saw some plants were growing on the facades of the buildings. And I was told that these plants can change the climates of that area. There are many kinds of ecological constructions there. Both of them took a good use of the plants.

Then we arrived to the building of China Merchants development. The whole building was covered by the different plants.

At the entrance, there was a yellow strip hanging in the air. I thought the band was just a decoration. But this is a functional installation which can block the sunlight and keep the building out of the heat.

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