RIP Draft 2

How to help your children:

Many of you who are old may understand how difficult it is for young individuals to gain experience and proper traits in order to integrate into society. You may be unfamiliar with what this website is about, but there is no need to worry! You are here because you are afraid that all your sons or daughters are spending too much time playing video games. Another concern you may be wondering is how media works and how you are afraid that you may still be confused due to unfamiliarity for internet. Most importantly, you are afraid that your child may not learn how to communicate effectively. In fact, we are here to help you understand why internet media and online games are actually not a waste of time. Playing online games, such as the popular League of Legends that your son or daughter mentioned to you about, surprisingly help them learn and prepare for the real world. In addition, there are many positive influence by internet media that you may not notice. Let me introduce you to League of Legends first.

About League of Legend:

League of Legend, a multiplayer online battle arena created in 2009, became the most popular world-wide game today. Despite all the high quality graphics that made the game seem appealing, it is actually a game that requires a strong mentality and high level thinking. Ranking systems motivate young players to play at their best in order to improve and enter possible tournaments. More importantly, this game helps individuals improve their communication skill due to difficult tactics and strategies that requires a team to perform. In addition, there are several essential life skills young players may learn through the gameplays, such as

Objective of the game:

The map consists of different lanes: top lane, mid lane, bottom lane, and jungle. Each lane has different length that is structured, and it also divides the map equally for both teams. During the early game, all roles besides the jungler try and stay alive as much as possible while farming game gold in order to gain strength. In order to win, either team has to destroy the towers leading to the final totem and destroy it.


There are total of five roles: attack power damage, support, mid-laner, top-laner, and mid-laner. Even though there is only a role called “Support” in each game, every roles have its own weakness and strength that help out each other during a gameplay. Because of this complicated team composition, communication is required in order to operate a strategy in sync. At the same time, each player has to understand other roles at the full extent in order to convey messages. This also parallels with modern society because understanding each other in a work force is required in order to get hired and keep in rhythm.

Team Composition:

Life skills in League of Legend:

The youtube video below demonstrates several essential life skill, such as been able to observe detail, to tolerate others, and to be initiative.

Throughout the video, the player has pointed out many skills that parallels with skills that are necessary during a real job interview or communicating effectively.

Peter Peng

Peter Peng, a professional League of Legend player, became one of the top attack-damage carry in U.S. As I have mentioned before, Riot hosts tournament with a grand prize that motivate players. In order to enter the tournament, professional game team often hire talented players, and Peng, at a young age, joins in a professional team that changed his whole life. Here is the documentary that proves his success in life:

This is an inspirational video that may change your whole perspective on game playing. Playing league of legends changed many people’s life and helped them get out of their comfort zone in order to be more social. Peng’s parents are from an old and stereotypic generation, and they believe that education means everything to their kids. Peng was a socially awkward young adult, and he faced many struggles in society. He only knew how to say “Hi” according to the video. However, playing league of legend changed his life because he is now exposed to many other individuals who share the same interest as him. He eventually had admirers that help him gain confidence and overcome his mental barrier, thus becoming a more social individual. More importantly, joining the professional team allows him to get a decent play while pursuing his own interest and happiness.

RIP Analysis

Bryan Hsu

Jasmine Lee

Writing 39B

15 August 2015

Media’s Potential Influence on Your Children

In my Rhetorical in Practice (RIP) project, I have created a webpage, as a medium, in order to include various dissection of my topic communication through media and online games, such as League of Legends. My webpage consists of links to youtube videos and other sources about the gameplay in league of legends. Other sources are websites that explain how media influences and guide young adult in a positive direction. Because the theme of this class is communication and we are exposed to young adult genre, my RIP points out the relation between communication and League of Legends and how it parallels to situations in real life. This web-page is created by young-adult who wants to convince their parents and spread the knowledge to other older adults that internet media and League of Legends improves communication and benefit one’s lives.

My intended audience is parents and older adults because they are from a different generation from us where computer and internet media barely existed. This leads to mistrust when technology advances and internet media becomes very popular for the new generation. In the past, people could only write newspapers and books in order to express ideas or news other than verbally speaking to each other. Due to these factors, older adults like parents restrain their children from playing online games or using internet media. Another reason why I chose parents as the intended audience is that they often love their children, and they want them to learn as much as possible in order to succeed in life. I target them with web-pages because I feel like they need to be exposed to the internet more often in order to understand the benefit and Throughout my project, they see how media and online games help them improve not only in academics, but it also stimulates mental growth to be a stronger individual

Over the past years technology has been advancing rapidly, but young adult parents are not very aware that media easily exposes individuals to a virtual world created in online games; such as “League of Legends.” This game brings young adults from all over the world to engage and transform their communication to a whole different level in order for them to express their thoughts effectively and translucently. More importantly communication has always been an essential element that young adults must learn and perform in order to integrate into society. Communication is an activity of information exchange through different types of medium, such as social media, internet, and even the virtual world of video games. Older generations, such as parents, do not know the benefits that media provides to young adults. They often believe that spending time on the computer is a complete waste of time, thus restricting their kids to use the internet. Unlike what most parents believe, internet media and online games like League of Legend provide the most efficient way to practice and learn communication, because it allows young adults to work together; to form strategies, to focus on detail, and to provide opportunities for young adults to be financially independent and become more social.

In MOBA, multi online battle arena, such as League of Legends, young players act as different roles in order to build better relationships through understanding and applying each other’s individual skill. Some of these qualifications imperatively requires speaking with each other through complicated gameplays which in turn results in better communication skills. The game map consists of four laning options and are commonly regarded as top lane, middle lane, bottom lane, and the jungle. A standard team composition is made by different champions corresponding to five different roles: Attack Damage Carry, Support, Mid-carry, top laner, and jungler. As obvious as it sounds, the support does not have dominant strength to eliminate an opponent, but it has essential attributes to contribute to the team. According to the article “The Support” from wikia, “Support champions should assist the champion in the duo lane (bottom lane) in laning phase, then always be with the team, healing them or otherwise increasing their chances to win.” This passage explains that League of Legends is a team game that requires young players to rely on each other. Assisting the team requires constant interactive conversations because the support cannot deal enough damage output on the enemy. In order to eliminate an enemy at the duo bottom lane, it is crucial that the support and the attack damage carry act in unison through the well-timed but yet proper use of their character’s abilities. Additionally, the support players must also follow the other three teammates, other than the attack damage carry, as the game progresses in hopes of succeeding over the enemies.

Being initiative is an important character trait that helps one become a great leader in society, and it may be taught throughout the gameplays by playing as the jungler. Jungler involves early game play with important responsibility of helping other lanes get their first lead because it requires initiative. In order to be initiative, players require confidence in their skills and decisions to make their next move. In society, employer seek to hire individuals who are initiative and confident during an interview because the first impression of meeting someone is important. CEOs or individuals with higher social rank are not the only ones who are considered as a leader that act as role models. Any individuals who takes initiative to step up may be the leader who guides others who are in need of help. By practicing gameplays, it enhances one’s ability to think when is the best time to stay in position, or when is the best time to aid the team by diving into the enemy.

Gameplays in League of Legend also teaches young adults life skills that may be practiced everyday that parents are not aware of, such as applying quick judgement under a life and death situation in a fight. Parents may be right about the importance of education to their children, but they must not neglect the importance of decision-making under pressure. According to the video “Things League of Legend Will Teach you,” the author states that “In school when you do assignments or homework, you get a lot of time in an environment made to be as low pressure as possible.” Two types of environment are contrasted in the video, a less pressured environment and the fast paced gameplay in League of Legends. Gameplays alternatively shapes young players into a better decision maker by forcing them to critically think and apply when one death may cost the whole team’s lost or give the opponent a great lead. For example, the champion Vayne is chasing down his enemy, and he feels the pressure of the tower as he approaches due to the tower’s high damage output. He is then left with decisions of diving into the tower and face the possible consequence of death caused by the tower, or he can simply retreat without any gain or loss. In fact, it is better to practice in the virtual world in order to prepare to face more stressful situations in real life.

Another essential life skill that young players learn through League of Legend that becomes helpful throughout the future is the ability to tolerate others, and it also helps young adults engage with people more comfortably and reasonably. As players randomly get matched up with other players from all over the world, there is a high chance that one may encounter with individuals who are extremely rude and agitated towards the team. According to … Agitated individuals often curse and demean others, and constantly dealing with these players will improve how one may tolerate the bad mannered individuals in real life. In addition, the author has spoken with a very formal tone but easily understandable explanation that non-players may understand. By incorporating his personal experience as a gamer, he provides real life scenario that may be related to young adults in order to enhance his message to convince older adults to believe one may actually improve tolerance through gaming. In fact, this is not the only the positive influence the gameplay provides. He also explains how he “works well with people” because tolerating others does not only apply to ignoring one’s presence or action. During interactions between employees at work, there will always be people who do not agree with each other or customers who are extremely rude. Interacting with players with bad manner in League of Legends allows players to get ahead start and practice dealing with all types of people. Being able to tolerate others allows one to think on both sides when one encounters an argument.

Because many individuals are socially awkward due to some psychological barrier, playing League of Legends exposes awkward players with a good environment that allows individuals to socialize and meet others with the same interest. Peter Peng, currently a professional attack damage carry player in the team CLS, stated that “I was a very socially awkward person, all I said was hi when I first met people” (Peng). Throughout the “documentary of Peter Peng,” Peng had described his past life as a socially awkward person because all he liked to do was playing games. However, he eventually broke his psychological barrier and made connections, such as friends, sponsors, and admirers. League of Legend transforms one’s life because players like Peng feels comfortable speaking with other players about gameplays, strategies. According to the “Empirical Research,” author states that “They are more likely to experience social anxiety and low levels of interpersonal confidence.” This further emphasize that individuals like Peng are afraid of what other people think about him playing games until he engaged in many individuals who share the same interest as him. Confidence is an important factor in communication because lack of confidence causes individuals to worry too much during a conversation. Relating back to Peng’s case, meeting others with the same interest allowed him to gain confidence in order to be more social in the real world, which applies to any individuals in society. In addition, his skill proven in League of Legends attracted other players to admire him, and help him overcome the lack of confidence. Besides the positive growth he had experienced, League of Legend had helped him become financially independent.

League of Legend consists of ways of financially supporting players, such as hiring talented players into professional team, hosting tournaments with prize, and rank boosting other players. Parents do not understand how successful and rich League of Legend is or ever heard of the game before. Riot, the company of the game, have hosted world-wide tournament called the LCS with a grand prize. In addition, professional game teams pay talented players who try out for different position. This is another reason why I chose this game for my RIP. Peng, who is financially unstable, passed the try-out and joined the team. Eventually, he easily earned enough money to pay rent.

Engaging in media and online games like League of Legends help young adult learn to effectively communicate,financially independent, and deal with different type of individuals in society. Even though parents are from a different generation that did not have luxuries, such as internet media and team games, they should now try to understand media in order to benefit both them and their children.

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Peter Peng, a professional league of legends player, mentions how he became a professional player and becomes independent from his parents. The intended audience in this documentary is both parents and young adults who do and do not understand the game play. However, this acts as a powerful source in my analysis because I argued that playing League of Legends will benefit young adult at one point in their future. At the same time, this acts as an evidence that young adult may be financially independent through gaming. and gaming is not a waste of time.

“Team Jobs.” League of Legends Wiki. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Aug. 2015.

This website consists of a lot of information about the game play and how League of Legend works. Even though it does not necessary show how it applies in real life, I incorporated this source as a reference and I further explained how communication applies through team fights. The intended audience may be directed to people who do not have an understanding of how to play League of Legend and teach them a general idea of the game. I believe this source is extremely helpful because it has every information I need for the game in a single link.

“Things League of Legends Will Teach You That You Won’t Learn in School | LoL Life Skills.” YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 23 Aug. 2015.

This is a video about how essential life skill may be found and practiced by playing League of Legend. Audience do not need any understanding of the game because the video recorder has explained in the simplest terms that anyone may understand. I believe this is a powerful source because it does not require a person to know any knowledge of the game> More importantly, the life skill he mentions are elements that are required to be a effective communicator.

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